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Saturday, August 11, 2018

5 Fact About Microsoft Office 2007 That You Need To Know

What is word Processor?
A word processor is a computer application/software package used for the creating,eaditing,formatting of documents.

Example of Word processor
Examples of popular word processing software are-
  • Microsoft Word
  • WordStar
  • Wordperfect

What are the features of word processing ?
1.Insert and Delete Text: Allows us to insert text through keyboard or delete text anywhere in the document.
2.Cut,Copy & Paste: Allows us to cut / remove or copy / Duplicate a section of text from one place in a document and paste / insert it some other place in the document.
3.Search & Replace: Allows us to search for a particular word or pharse. We can also replace one group of characters with another everywhere that the first group appears.
4.Word Wrap: Automatically moves to the next line when we have filled one line with text.
5.Text Styling: Allows us to change font style,size,color etc.Within a document.
6.Graphics: Allows us to insert image & shape into a document.
7.Spell Cheaker: Autillity that allows us to cheak the spelling and grammar mistake of words.
8.Live Preview: After selecting text or object,if we mouse-over on a formatting buttons,then temporarily applies formatting on the focused text or object.The temporary formatting is removed when the mouse pointer is moved from the button.This allows users to have a preview of how the option would affect appearance of the object.

How we start MS-Word 2007
1.Click the Start button on the taskbar.
2.Point to All Programs.
3.Click Microsoft Office.
4.Click Microsoft Office Word 2007.

5.When you start Word,a windows opents,displaying a blank document.

Click on “Office” Button and then click on “close” or “Exit Word”.
Different between “Close and “Exit Word”
Close will close an open file,but leave the appliacation open.So if you open more than one word file and then choose close in a file,the active file will close,but word will still be running and you could open another file or we can work on the remaining open file.
Exit will close the all open files and also exit the application.So, if you open  more than one word file and then choose Exit Word file and then choose Exit in a file,all files will be closed,and the application will stop completely.
When closing or exsiting ,you will be given a chance to save files that you are working on.

To save a document, first click on Office Button  and then click on save or click on save button from Quick Access Toolbar or press CTRL + S from keyboard.If the document is new then a Save As file dialog will appeared.In Save As dialog ,select a file location from save in panel and type a file name in file name box and click on save button.

Note: File Extension for Microsoft Office Application
MS Office 2003
MS Office 2007

So if you want to save a document compatible with previous version of office document, the select word 97-2003 Document from save as type list and then save the document.

Open a Document

TO open an existing document-
1.Click on MS Office Button
2.Click on Open
3.Select desire location where your file is exist
4.Select the file
5.Click on open button

Create a new document
To create a new document-
1.Click on Office Button and then on new.The New Document dialog will appear ass shown bellow-
1.From the Templates panel click one of a template source.
2. Click on a template icon (Display in middle) and then create.
NOTE: If you want to create a new blank document the select Blank and Recent from Templates List and then select Blank document.

MS-WORD 2007 Interface Overview

Title Bar: It Display the name of the current active document.it contains the MS-Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar inn le left side and Minimize,Restore and button in the right side.

MS-Office Button: Just like a windows XP button ,It is a round button with the Microsoft Office 2007 logo.When you click on the Office button ,a drop down menu display to show a number of different optons,such as open,save and print etc and also display a list of Recent Documents.

Quick Access Toolbar: This containts different Buttons like save, Undo,Redo etc we can customized this toolbar by clicking customized quick access tollbar option button.

Ribbon: In MS-Office2007 a,ribbon is a set of tool bars are placed ona set of tabs(Home Tab,Insert Tab,Page Layout Tab etc.)

Tab:In MS-Office 2007 each tab consist different sets of command buttons and icons.The related command buttons and icons are group together by group box.

Contextual Tabs: Some tabs appers only when certain objects are selected.For example, select a picture the tools contextual tab will appear.Contextual Tabs are hidden when an application object is selected.

Mini Toolbar: The Mini Toolbar is automatically shown when text is selected and automatically hides when we release the selected text.

Zoom Slider: A zoom slider allowing for magnification of documents.

Status Bar: Status bar display the different status of the documents ,such example number of pages in the document, current page number,total number of words etc.The status bar can be customized by right click the status bar and or remove what we want to display on the status bar.

Workspace: The white area in the document where the user can type the text of the document.

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