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Thursday, August 9, 2018

What Is Digital,Analog,Hybrid,Super,Mini,Personal Computer & All Details ?

Accroding to the purpose, computers can be divided into the following categories:
  1. Digital Computer
  2. Analog Computer
  3. Hybrid Computer

1.Digital Computer:

The system works with digits.In other words a digital computer is a counting device.All the expressions are coded into binary digits(0 and 1)inside the computers and it manipulates them at a very fast speed.The digital computer circuits are designed and fabricated by the manufactures and are quite complicated ones.A digital computer manipulates data according to the instructions(program) given to it one of the computer languages.The instruction and data are fed to the computer in the form of discrete electrical signals.Most computers are digital.
2.Analog Computer:

Unlike a digital computer, it works by measuring voltages and currents rather than by the process of counting .An analog computer works on supply of continuous electrical signals and displays output continuously.The accuracy of these machines is quite low although they are faster in speed as compared to digital compueters.
3.Hybrid Computer:
Hybrid Computer is one which combines best features of analog and digital computers.These machines are generally used for scientific applications and in industrial control processes.

Accroding to size computers can be divided into following categories:


A supercomputer is the most powerful computer available at a given time.These machines are built to proess huge amounts of information and to do so very quickly.For example,scientists build models of complex proesses and simulate the proesses on a supercomputer.   
2.Miniframe Computer:

The largest  type of computer is common use is the miniframe.They are designed to handle tremendous amounts of input,output and storage.For example consider the airlines reservation system.One can get his/her air ticket booked at one of the various reservation countries each of which has many employees working at computer terminals.A terminals is a special kind of computer that does not have its own CPU or storage;it is just I/O device that acts as a window into another computer located somewhare else. The terminals are connected to a databse residing in and controlled by a miniframe computer that can handle the input and output needs of all the terminlas connected to it.
A typical miniframe computer is characterised by vast amounts of memory with many hard disks in serveral gigabytes range one of more tape drives,several line prinfers,a separate computer room a false floor (foor under floor cabling) and tight security.

The best way to describe a minicomputer is that its somewhere between those of mainframes and those of personal computers.Like mainframes, minicomputers can handle a greats deal of input and output than personal computers can.Minicomputers are relatively inexpensive and ideal for academic institutions and small business houses.
4.Personal Computer:

The terms personal computers and microcomputer are interchangeable and generally refer to the small computer that are commonly found in offices classrooms and homes personal computers or PCs come in all shapes and sizes although most models reside on desktops , others stand on the floor and some are even portable.
A desktop model is the most common style of PC and it is small enough to fit on a desk but a little too big to carry around with you.Among the portable computers a notebook coputer approximates the shape of an 8.12 by 11 inch notebox and can easily fit inside a briefacase.Laptop are the slightly larger predecessors of notebook computers.Notebooks and laptops are fully functional microcomputers ansd are used by those people who nned the power of a full computer wherever they go.Personal digital assistants are the smallest of portable computers.They are much less powerfull than notebook or desktop models and are generally used for displaying important telephone numbers and addresses or keeping track of dates and agendas.Many can be connected to larger computers to exchange data.
With the fast changing technology, present day PCs are having the capabilities of mainframes or minicomputers.Thus , the line of distinction between different types of computers is getting blurred day and have rendering the above classification meaningless      

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